What is Crush?

Fisher Vineyards grapes ready for crush wine harvest

Crush is the most eventful season at vineyards and wineries from California to Europe and beyond. The flurry of activity during this time is not only the culmination of a long growing season, it’s truly winemaking in motion.

While it usually occurs between August and November, only an experienced vintner can determine that exact moment to start. As the grapes begin to feel soft to the touch, they also start to sweeten. The best way to tell that they’re ready? Taste, of course. Once they’ve reached the perfect balance of sugar and ripeness, it all begins.

Crush is kicked off when the grapes are harvested at the perfect moment. Vineyard crews gather together to help harvest and sort the berries. From there, it’s on to the winery, where grapes are crushed and they continue their journey to the next great vintage.

Each winemaker considers the best kinds of wine vessels for fermentation and watches over each vineyard lot with special care and attention. Once fermentation is complete, the wine takes on its true identity – a unique blend of location, varietal, weather, winemaking expertise and, of course, the individuals behind the label. It’s aged to perfection until the moment you uncork it.

Join us soon to toast this annual celebration of wine.